Tuesday, 22 April 2014

new tablet for kitten

I did my bit for the British economy yesterday - I went and bought a new tablet computer.  It's all so that we can take payment by card really. 

 I spent a couple of days on the phone last week getting more and more confused - then I found a broker - rather like an insurance broker - that could look at everyone in the market and all the different systems.  he reckoned that it would cost me AT LEAST £30 A MONTH to have a terminal on the phone line - and he suggested that I had a tablet computer - bought a device and downloaded an app - all of which would be considerable cheaper and would justify itself in about 8 months - and if I didn't take payments - there would be no ongoing charges.  All I have to do now is get to grips with this **** new gadget.

Just remember when you use a dabit card in a small shop - it costs them a lot of money to actually get the cash. 



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