Friday, 21 February 2014

The Stitches Show award dinner

We ended up at the award ceremony on Sunday night - don't ask me how - a very nice young man just took us along.

There was a lovely spread of 'nibbles' on the tables - and them they brought out some hot nibbles (gorgeous hot mini egg and bacon quiches - oh yummie) - and glasses of wine.

Them it turned out that the 'nice young man' was one of the 'Singing Waiters' and they went round the tables serenading someone on the table.  Yes - muppet here stood up and had a dance when they did me!  I think they did me on purpose - I was already singing along before they arrived at us.

The challenge of this year is to work out how to get onto the list to be voted for - it's always the same faces - and I hadn't even heard of any of the craft shops that won the North East.


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