Tuesday, 7 January 2014

shopfitting - slatwall

I have picked up some 'vintage' slatwall panels on Ebay.  Not sure if they really qualify for the 'vintage' label (ie  over 35 years old) - but they really are wonderful.  Ex M&S display and so solid and heavy that I can't hardly lift one! Beautifully trimmed and fitted and I love the shape at the top - and the grooves go all the way down so I can use all the space.  I have the idea of putting them up in the 'hallway' part of the shop (taking away the old mirror) as individual display 'picture' areas.  Each can have a theme or colour and I can change them easily every other week or so.

They are 2 foot wide x 4 high  and I have been getting more hooks and shelves on Ebay to display things on.  I have 9 altogether - yeah! 9 - they were such an amazing price - kind of thinking that my son will want a couple for his shop.

so big thoughts for the poor ol' goat who will be 'tinkering' with the shop units and layout to make it all work  -- this may take a while


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  1. Sounds interesting-look forward to seeing it! Stay warm! Chris


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