Sunday, 12 January 2014

new knitted cushion range

gosh this week has flown by!  - I have been plodding through the Christmas stock getting the website sorted out before it all gets put away for next year.  I have got in a right old pickle over the last 3 months and it is so wonderful to get back to some sort of normal routine again.

The yarns are really flying out at the moment - knitting is huge - it's a bit scary how fast it is selling.  I just think I am getting on top of it all and next time I look there are gaps again.  We have decided to stock the Robin Paintbox range alongside their plain colours.

 It is a variegated yarn - same quality as the plain - and there is a very clever twist - the die colours are the same as the plain range so that all the colours combine perfectly.  We have 3 mixes - and we will be adding 5 more at the beginning of February.

Now - 'The Cushion Range'

The first pattern is complete and ready - you can get the pattern in the shop - download from the website - get for your Kindle.  The patterns take 2 balls of our yarn - we use 2 strands together to get the 'chunky' weight - you can use both strands the same colour or use 2 different colours for a tweedy look, and you need a pair of 6mm needles.  We also stock the cushion pads - takes 16" square - and have toggles and statement buttons for the back flap.

I have a super cute Scottie dog pattern on the way - a textured heat motif - a houndstooth check - and one with the new variegated yarn.

As always - my patterns are aimed very much at the beginner - improver and everything is explained properly with no abbreviations or jargon used - I have also come up with a colour coding system that highlights the tricky bits so you can see the pattern more easily.

I will keep you updated as I complete each pattern.

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  1. Havn"t knit for ages kitten,I will keep an eye on your patterns. Best wishes for the new year.


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