Saturday, 14 December 2013

Crochet candy cane treat

Quick little 'freebe' for you.  Really easy and fun to make.

Crochet Candy Cane Treat

You will need
3.5 crochet hook
DK yarn in 2 Christmassy colours

Work 30 chain stitch.
Round 1: starting in the 4th chain from the hook – (work 1 treble crochet into the chain, 1 chain, miss 1 chain), repeat back along the row finishing with a treble crochet at the very end of the chain
Round 2: work 2 chain,1  double crochet into the very end loop, turn work so you are coming down the long side, work 2 double crochet into the same space (on the side), then work 2 double crochet into each space.  When you get to the other end – work 2 double crochet in the side, 2 double crochet at the end, 2 double crochet on the other side, work 2 double crochet in each space down the other side, work 2 double crochet in very last space and join with a slip stitch.
Round 3: change colour.  (Work double crochet, ½ treble crochet, treble crochet, ½ treble crochet, double crochet, into first stitch, slip stitch into the next 2 stitches) – repeat all the way around the edge of the piece.  Finish off yarn.

Sew in the yarn tails and weave your candy cane through the holes.  Add a ribbon or crochet a chain length to hand on the tree.

ps - this is just a candy cane frilly - not the Sistine Chapel - - don't worry if your stitches don't quite add up - no one will notice ;-) xxx

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