Wednesday, 18 December 2013

adding to the tree

Ok - let's add some shape - this is a pair of 'Grunge board' wings.  I dabbed them with the red - then the copper dabbers - added glitter veins - piled on the clear crackle - wiped over with a red ink - punched a hole in one tip and added the charm


then I fired up the good old glue gun and set the wings at the top of the cone.  I did a bit of f'flicking' to produce those fine strands of glue that make it look old

THEN - - 

I added wires.  I punched holes in the cone following the bling trail and glued in loads of wires.

Then I added an extra length of wire threaded with loads of beads. - bling up the bling on the bling - love it!

kitten and

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