Sunday, 27 October 2013

Internet problems

I have been having such problems with the internet lately - it just won't load certain sites.  Some are fine - some won't load at all - and some sites have gaps in.  It is on both my big computer at the shop - and my net book.  I have updated everything I can think of - and had a good old clear out and run the maintenance - all no luck.  I have called the techie guys and Mike will be out in the week to have a look - last time it happened it was the router that needed something doing to it - so I am just hoping it's not a biggie.

Any ways - we are really going full on for Christmas.  I have got several new kits together - My favorite is one in the 'special kits' range the Rudolph Reindeer

Another new one is Hissssing Sid - taking on a bit of Fair Isle patterning - both of these are for people who have had a bit of practice already and are looking for a bigger project.

One of the projects in the 'starter' range is a Christmas cracker.  This is proving a hit already - and one of the shops has ordered a load for their Christmas window.  That's my evening full for next week.

and something a bit different - one more for the sewing range - a little coaster made from those strips of pretty fabric images that you get in the quilting section.  Dead easy and really fun.

So that is all the kits sorted.  As always you can get the full kit in the shop - and you can download just the patterns from the website.

There is also a pattern for a christmas pudding tea cosy pattern and a Pacman and Ghosties hat.

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