Sunday, 15 September 2013

We are having a SALE!!!!!!

As you can tell from the lack of posts - it has been a bit hectic here!

I have been putting some serious time into updating the website - and - although it is not perfect (and never will be!!!!) - I reckon it's pretty much as up to date as it can be ;-) - so that's done.

he big news of the week is - - druuuuuuuuum roooooooll

we are having a 
this week - for 1 week ONLY -  (sept 17th - 21st) we are getting ready for CHRISTMAS.
we are clearing out - shifting stuff about - making space - re-organising - and generally getting ourselves in a muddle while we sort out for the new units and new stock arriving next week.

To apologise for all the muddle and chaos during this week we are offering a HUGE
20% OFF off all stock in the shop
Let's be honest - we need the space - we need your cash - so let's have fun and get crafting for Christmas.

There is no small print - everything in the shop in kendal - will be reduced by 20% (allow for my maths - I don't have a posh till) - from opening Tuesday - to closing Saturday

Just sharing the love xx

kitten and

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