Thursday, 18 July 2013

New project

I have signed up for a new course with My Creative Classroom in 'Altered Spoons'.  I have wanted to try this for ages and I thought it would give me something to spring board off from.  I know i don't have the time - but it's only a short one - and  you get all the teaching materials to keep and work again later - so it does not matter that I don't do it when I should.

I went to the Age UK warehouse and got a handful of really pretty handled spoons for £1.  Age UK warehouse - my fave place in the whole wide world (well - there and Homebase).  You can keep all your fancy boutiques - I love a second hand warehouse to rummage through.

OK - so this is my first effort - no theme or design to it really - just wanted to get the feel of holding and decorating the spoon first.

Now I have a need for more spoons!

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  1. Wow! What a transformation! Look forward to seeing them irl! Gave you a mention on my blog as I was so pleased with my goodies the other day! Chrisx


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