Friday, 7 June 2013

new project

I am doing something for myself for a bit of a change!

I Love the Tando stuff (had you noticed ;-) ) - and as it is summer at last - I am going to do the House Shape Tray as a Beach Hut theme altered art piece.

This is the House blank

I created an 'ideas' sheet with all sorts of images and quotes - and collected my colours

The first thing I did was to change my mind about the colour ;-).  I was going to paint the frame blue - but ended up going with red (it will change in the end!).  The blank comes in sections and you have to glue it together if you want a tray - how cool would it look as separate panels - oooooh - that will follow

I decided to use paper for the background for a change - I have used the Ahoy There! 12"

Now I am going to be really good and leave it all overnight so that it is really dry before I decide what to do next.

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