Saturday, 29 June 2013


I have been doing a bit of decorating in my flat lately - well - not done anything for months.  I think I scared myself.  I get restless every so often as the flat has no outside area at all.  2 steps up off the pavement and you are in the little porch area that I have just painted - and I do miss a garde.  Well - not even a garden really - just a bit of outside space to sit with a little table and hang a bit of washing out.  Anyway - I actually went and looked at another property the other week.  Loved it - serious 'doer - upper' - but what the heck - I can do all that.  But then they said that garden did not come with it - it was owned by the council and you could not do anything to it.  With 2 whacking great conifer trees just about 6' from the end corner - I just laughed at them - noooooo chance!

Anyway - I thought I would fluff my little nest a bit and get round to some more of the bigger jobs that need doing.  It won't be long before it's snowing again and I will be so greatful to be there.

I needed to replace the dimmer switches - they don't dim any more with the new light bulbs - and one of them was broken anyway. It's OK - I do know what I am doing - I don't have the physical strength anymore - but dad taught me all the diy stuff.

So I put in a new light switch - could I resist picking at the wall paper!!!!!  - that's a 'no' then ;-)

I did restrain myself and just over paint it quick though.

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