Wednesday, 5 June 2013


It's all very well this lovely sunny weather - but it does get me involved in things I really should not be doing!!!

I have wanted to get the carpet up in the bathroom for ages - the edges were all mucky and the paintwork needed doing.  So, up it all comes - then I found that there must have been a leak at sometime - and the underlay was all stained and rotten.  It was all bone dry thank goodness - so there was not a big problem - just all the muck.  So that all had to come out.  The bath panel had been loose for ages so I thought I would have that out and sorted while I was there.

I have sanded and painted the little bit of skirting both sides of the door - I have some expanding filler to fill the gaps in the floor under the bath - hopefully it will make the room a bit less cold.

So here we are

Another coat of paint - then I can put the bath panel back properly - and I have to find somewhere to get just a tiny bit of underlay - carpet to clean and put back (it's in the middle of the living room floor at the moment) and we are all done: fresh and clean again.

Now - about that kitchen window!

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