Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shop Talk

I have just found a wonderful new range of kiddies craft sets - so I bought the lot!!!!

There are all sorts - mostly aimed at girls I must say - but I did pick up some ceramic money boxes for the boys to paint too.

Felt hangers in a bird (which is my fave) - dollie - gingerbread man and owl.  They all have loads of extra decorations to add like beads and ribbons - really pretty.

There are some larger felt sewables - a cat - an owl - a bunny and a bear

There are cupcakes to make and decorate - 4 different styles of those

For something a bit different - there are paper Mache kits - an owl (owl seem to be everywhere at the moment) - a darling puppy and a Japanese dollie.

Or you could try the modeling clay sets - there are all sorts of these (yes - even and owl ;-) )


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