Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Morning all - struggling to get up since the clocks have changed I can tell you.  The going to bed early is fine - but the getting up early is a different story ;-)

Still - it is beautiful, sunny day here - the market is on - and the little jazz band is playing - so (once I have had a cup of tea) I am sure I will wake up.

I have managed to get a few Decopatch goodies for you.  Decopatch is a French company that make paper mache figures - shapes - animals - boxes - frames and a specialist paper to cover them in - well let me show you

You start with a plain blank -

And add some patterned paper

You can use anything as a blank- I think the Tando chipboard stuff will be great with it - or you can make your own.  You can cover wood - frames - boxes - pots.

The different thing is the papers.  It has a sort of coating that means when you get it covered in the glue it does not disintegrate like normal paper.  It has some 'give' in it and can stretch round corners without tearing - and - it is very thin so you don't get the lumps and bumps that you do with normal paper.

There is not much about yet at the wholesalers - and it's proving popular - so I have only managed to get a few bits.  If it proves popular I will buy direct from the factory in France (oh yes I can ;-) ) that way I can have much more choice - but I do have to spend quite a lot of money to start up so I need to know if you all like it!

I am going to have a fiddle this morning and see if the branded glues they use is worth the extra money for you - or if our good old Woodware pva does the same job.

More to follow

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