Friday, 5 April 2013

Tough guy!

I wanted a big hard back pad to rough out my knitting patterns on.  I had already several A4 lined pads to use up (leftover from Uni - see I never throw anything useful away!) - but they all had soft backs - even stacked up it was still too soft.

So - I also had a bit of plywood left over from the cover of the gas meter cupboard that was taken out - just about the right size.

Punched some hinge holes in the plywood with my Bind-it-all!

Seriously - I did not think it would do it - but no problem at all.

I covered the plywood in some very thin wadding that the chap next door gets his big books packed in (so that was free too) - then I used a fat quarter sample that I picked up at the Stitches show to cover the wadding.

Now I have a fab thick, firm, pad that I can curl up on the sofa with and make notes as I knit and I won't forget what I have done.

I think when I have used up all the pages I will just open up the wires and add new pads

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