Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Shop Talk

The yarn is going crazy!!  So great the everyone is loving the knitting.

There is a new yarn delivery due today with some new colours for you - Navy - Claret - Forest Green - and another twist like the 'Spring' called 'Autumn'.  I have looked into the price of the variegated colours - but they are considerably more than the plains - about £2.70 a ball - still thinking about that.

Issy's Tea cosies have been a huge hit - and we have picked up the contract to supply one of the local coffee shops with tea cosies - cafetiere wraps - and mug hugs.  How amazing is that!

The new knitting kit is ready for you

If you have been following my knitting series you will have collected several needles and pins along the way - so this month we have a pins and needles case for you to keep them all neat and tidy in.

The focus for this kit is working in pattern blocks.  There are several patterns that are used all the time in knitting and now you have all your basic skills  you can start to learn some of the pattern names.

We are doing 'Garter' stitch - 'Stocking' stitch - and 'Moss' stitch in this kit.  Still written very simply for you so don't worry about it.

Drop in and pick up a pattern and have a look and the new yarn colours.

The pattern is available on line in the 'downloads' section if you can't get into the shop.


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