Tuesday, 12 March 2013

shop talk

gosh - I had my busiest week ever last week - fantastic - loved every minute.

 On Saturday I had a parcel of quilling supplies delivered.  I know this comes and goes - but it is always good to try something new - and the kits have everything you need in them.

You get a bundle of the thin papers - glue - loads of instructions - AND the little tool - everything you need to make an A6 card - a smaller card/tag and a pretty box.

I thought they would make a super holiday craft kit as you have everything together - and it's great to try something different

I have also got the thin paper strips - I just picked up one of each - all the same colour tones - as well as the assorted colour packs.  If it's a hit I will add to the range - they do a couple of books - and some super larger kits.

It is all listed in the shop

also - just in - new Robin Double Knitting wool colours - and more of the apple green we all love

Just give me a mo to unpack it all!

Oh - and more Terrier dog knitted jumper patterns


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