Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Shop talk

OK chaps - back to work.  I have had far too much rest and i need to do some galloping about again (don't tell the goat - he will tell me off!)

The shop re-opens today and we have 20% off all Christmas themed stock - whether it's ready made cards and albums - or crafting supplies - all to clear for the next 2 weeks - then it's gone.   I can't be doing with it hanging about all year.

So - loads of amazing Tando chipboard shapes and projects on order - some super cool mini printer trays in different shapes.

And what's going to be hot this year?

I reckon the Steampunk look will finally make the mainstream.  It's been hanging about at the edges for a couple of years and I think this will be it's year to shine.

following on with that - mixed media is getting onto everyone's work now.  Whether it's mixing inks and paint - or using all sorts of different materials to cut out shapes in - we are all going to be mixing more textures and types together.

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