Sunday, 27 January 2013

Second Life

I just love the whole up-cycling and second life ethos.

This has got the be my best second life project.  There is a really pretty arch in my kitchen between it and the front porch area.  It's quite drafty in the winter I can tell you - but there is no way you could have a door there - so I wanted a heavy curtain.  I picked up several heavy weight curtain samples and stitched them together (and lined!) to make a panel for the gap.  It really helped - but still a bit drafty round the sides.  So when I was given all the fabrics from the lady that has died I was thrilled to find loads of knitted panels.  I don't know what she was making - perhaps she was just practicing - but I saw them and thought - curtain panels!!!!!

I have added a patchwork to one side and I have enough to add one to the other.  It is very rough at the moment - and just pinned - I am too busy sewing knitting needle rolls for the shop to do it properly - but it's needed now!

I do hope she would be pleased

kitten and

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