Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gold - gold - gold

Remember I started to decorate my little inner hall in the flat - oh - ages ago?

Well I have nearly finished.  It does take me ages to do these bigger projects - I am just too tired after a day in the shop to to start decorating so I only manage an odd hour or so every so often.

I made a real effort on the walls to get them smooth and even - the wallpaper was a nightmare to get off and left a real mess.  So I filled and sanded and undercoated and sanded and filled and undercoated!!!!

I have painted the walls the most gorgeous jewel turquoise and decorated the top section with loads of strips of gold and jewel coloured wall paper sections.  I go  hold of an old wall paper sample book - that was the original inspiration for the whole thing

I have painted the skirting board and the door frames gold - and I am adding gold in between the sections of wall paper.  It's a Dulux emulsion - and it's really fab.

The doors will be painted  in Toffee Crisp satin - which is a really rich oatmeal cream.  That wil take me ages - 4 doors!

I am so chuffed with it - it's absolutely beautiful.

Talking of gold paint - I have re-painted the table I showed you.  I am going to get hubby to cut me out a pretty shape for the top and paint it cream

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