Friday, 7 December 2012

Tidy up day!

Well done to all who turned out in the horrendous rain last night - the poor old goat got stuck in a lake (puddle) and had to take his shoes and socks off!

So - here we are

Well - not me obviously - I was taking the snaps - but the stall is all set up - and the silly old goat had wound flashing lights round his top hat.

I am having a tidy up day today.  I just pulled out most of the window to take last night - so I am re-dressing it and moving all last Christmas stuff about.

There are several goodie bags in the window - trying to highlight them a bit, and I have sold a couple.

I am going to start on my own Christmas card list using up the left overs - so if there is anything you fancy get in quick!

kitten and

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