Friday, 19 October 2012

goodie bags

It's Friday - it can't be Friday - I am not ready for Friday.  That means I have to go home tomorrow for my rest and wait 2 whole days to come back to work.  What I need is 2 Thursdays - we could have Thursday and then Thursday Again - then Friday - that would work.

I have another goddie bag for you today - bearing in mind that the big 'C' word is coming soon!

I have put together a fantastic bag with all the Beatrix Potter characters.  There are all the single stamps (and a block to put them on) - the co-ordinating papers - ribbons - gems.  Plus some card blanks - double sided tape - peel off greetings - matching coloured card - some little embellishments to complete your projects - and all sorts of other bits and bobs.

All in a fantastic, lined, hand made tote, with ribbon handles and pretty trim

in the shop - or on the website now - £56.00

Wow - what a present that would make!

kitten xx

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