Sunday, 14 October 2012


To celebrate the launge of our new range of knitting and crochets kits - the first 3 people who leave a comment here and send me their address will get one of my new kits FREE (UK only please as I have to pay postage ;-) )

The kits have been in the pipe line for a little while now - there is a mitten due soon, and a couple of toys to follow- so watch out for them.

The whole big thing about my kits is that you will get everything you need to make the project - even the needle and thread to sew on the ribbon (toy kits will include the stuffing).  All you will need is a pair of 4mm knitting needles or a 4mm crochet hook - all the kits are designed to be worked on these sizes - so you don't have to have loads of kit hanging about.  Also - I have kept the language very simple and don't use any of the technical jargon or abrevations - so it is as easy as possable for beginners to complete.

If you would like to purchase the kit - KIT HERE
kitten xx

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  1. aw kitten why is there no comments yet on this brilliant kit? taught my 12 year old to crochet and knit and she loves it, its a dying trade wish more kids could do it! I remember getting taught at a young age and will pass it on to the littly too once she is old enough not to hurt herself! lol


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