Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Feeling rough

I have been feeling a bit rough lately - so excuse the missing posts.  I think I may have got a chill at Grange on the Prom on Sunday - it was so wet and we got soaked.  It was such a shame as there were nearly 100 artists displaying their works

It was so dull - I had to cover up most of the time.

Morcombe on the other side of the bay - no sign of any brightness

There were a few breaks in the clouds - and I did sell a bit

Even the sheep got fed up and went home

At about 2.30 the wind took the stall and knocked it all over.  So we just packed it all up into the car and went to the pub ;-)

So thank you to all my customers who did seek me out and buy something

Thank you to the lovely young man who wanted to help clear it all up

And Thank you to the Commodore's arms where it was lovely and warm and dry!

If it is not going to be a nice day next time I am not going!

kitten xx

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  1. aww, so sorry it was a bad day hun, but you still got your little 'shoppe' which I hope to visit one day, you gotta look after yourself and avoid the flare ups so don't blame you if you don't go again till nice weather comes back 'hopefully' - what a summer eh? x


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