Monday, 23 July 2012

Day off

Monday is kitten's day off

Actually I have been in class with the wonderful Ester Gundry all day  ((Hi Est))

I love Ester's classes - here's toys - go play - those are the basic rules.  she crates something for us to make - gives us all the bits - and we copy - do something vaguly similar - or totally wonder off on a track - she mever minds!

I have not finished my projects yet - I hope to post them on  wednesday for you.  I have a 'little' helper in the shop with me for the summer.  my son will be joining us to blast the internet side and get me up to speed - as well as do a bit of work serving customers and stock control.  Just showing him the ropes of 'grown-up' world ;-) really - so do encourage him and give him feed back.  And - yes - you can moan at him when he gets it wrong!  (He's a sweetie really)

kitten xx

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