Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shop talk

The guys have promised that they will sort out the Internet this week - so I should be able to get back to nattering away like a lunatic again ;-)

I have finally got all the boxes unpacked and sorted out - I am not on a second sorting to work out what is going where.

There are loads of small embellishment goodie bags at small change prices - and I have cleared out and bundled a lot of card blanks - INCLUDING 3 panel aperture ones.  I know stitchers in particular are always on the look out for these.  Again in small 4/5/6 packs around £1 - £1.50.  All sorts of finishes of card - including a wonderful holographic glitter and several pearly look ones

The card candi is proving to be very popular with you all - I shall be doing a top up order in the next couple of weeks - just as soon as the new animal print ones arrive in the wholesalers.  Yes - animal prints - they are just magic.

The storage boxes that are designed for the Candi work really well - I have one and there is one out on 'test'.  They are all held very securely so they won't get muddled (or spill all over the floor :-0 )

I do have a few storage boxes left - I will be getting more when I re-order Candi

kitten xx

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