Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday - shop talk

I need all yur positive thought please - my darling solicitor is going to tackle the shop contracts this morning.  I swear the other side had just forgotten to send them out until I went in and asked!!!  So we 'should' be able to sign this week - and we 'might' be in by the weekend.

I am home alone this week - I have not had a day away - just been catching up and clearing up those tumbleweeds of paperwork that biuld up.  I am listing all the last cards I have made - some super spring looks going on - in the NEW section of the shop.

Also the new Beatrix Potter range of clear stamps, gems, paper and ribbons has arrived. I have only bought a few of each - seriouly space comprimised at the moment - so if they are a hit I can get more.

Do let me know what you think - this is a big venture for me.

kitten xx

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