Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday - shop talk

Oh Boy - you should just see the Maya Road chipboard albums.  They are just fantastic quality - really thick and chunky.  The clutch purse and the vintage purse are just amazing.  They have a standard 2 ring binder clip in them so you can punch holes and put in anything you fancy.

I don't know just how I am going to sell them and not pinch one!

Gess I 'should' do one to show what you can use them for ;-0

There are 2 styles - both with the ring binder clips - one has a chain - just how cool is thatn - the other is more shaped and has a chunky handle.

I wish the soliciters would get a move on - I am desperate to  show these off in the shop!  There is gonna be one amazing window display.

And there are also what the Americans call coaster books.  I think it came from the pub type coasters - that was the start - but you know us crafters - won't leave anything alone!

Now the take on 'coasters' is the same size as the original - but all sorts of shapes.

I have kept the prices as reasonable as I can.  Trust me you don't want to know about shipping and import duties!!!!  But buying direct from the company means I can get the best possable prices for you.  I would really like your feedback as to what you like. 

I just love the seaside bucked and spade - I could dig out the pictures of my son when we used to go on hols when he was small - oooooo

I remembered the guys too!!

Gears - Dinos - and Elephants - mind you - I will fight you for a dino

I also picked up a Christmas themed one.  4 Christmas themed shaped chipboards on a chain.  I got them in the clearence - so I am pleased to offer them at just £1 for you to try out

kitten xx

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