Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday - new stamps

Although I am not a big stamper - I bought the new Micheal Powel stamps.  Mainly because I have loved his work as a cross stitcher for years - his designs are so different.

Oh - oh - oh - did I struggle - that would be a big yes then.

These are big stamps - really big and sooo full of light, sketchy detail - I kept loosing bits - and getting shadows when I over compensated with pushing and pushing.

Finally I got the look I was looking for

so - here's what I found -
- give the rubber stamp front a really good soap and water scrub with a nail brush - there seems to be some sort of coating that won't let the ink stick - and at this size - it really notices.
- even tried the upside down brayer trick - and a soft stamping pad - both hopeless.
- I tried all my ink pads - Archival worked ok - Distress was a dead loss - the best?  Marvey La Plume pens!!!!!  It could be that I really wanted to go for the pulled watercolour look in the image - but everything else was very patchy.

The words are from the musical 'West Side Story' film.  Love this song - every line is a quote in it's self.  So that got me thinking - why choose?  Do a card for every line! 

So begins a new project - all my next cards will follow the lines of the song (ish)

Love a challenge!!

PS - BIG TIP - and you head it it from kitten first - there are loads of 'scratch it' ideas starting to creep into card making - how? - - it's washing up liquid added to metallic paint! - shhhhh

kitten xx

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