Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday - life

Funny old day today!

We have been out and about doing errands this morning - to Homebase (15% off!) to get paint for the shop.  2 huge 10 litre tubs of good old Magnolia - I could not get the goat to go for white - really wanted the white - would look so cool against all the dove grey - never mind. 
We 'should' complete this week - we may even be in for next weekend.  I am sure the other solicitors just forgot to send the details until I went and asked - 2 hours later our chap had the contract and so did we!  Hurry up guys - so much stock piled up!!!

We went into my fave place - the Age UK warehouse - real treasure trove of stuff.  I picked up loads of cut glass dishes to display things in - saw this on a vintage stall once - looks sooo pretty.  The big advantage is - with a shop I don't have to lug all the stuff about like I do with the stall.  I have packed an emergency stash for the stall - the shows start at the end of the month - and I had thought everything else would be in place - silly kitten ;-)

I am getting all the blog posts as scheduled as I can so that I will be able to take a week or so to get the shop open - getting SOOOO excited. 

Quick plug for Scrappers Delight - who are Sponsoring a Craft Your Passion challenge - you should just see what they have done with the clown images - WOW - way to go guys

Now - I am off to cook our Easter dinner (roast beef as you asked) - have a good week end every one - and I will keep you up to date next week as the shop stuff FINALLY happens

kitten xx

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