Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Shop talk

Quick plug for the Devine Twine - coloured baker's twine - which is starting to sell nicely.  I now have a wholesale account with them - so can keep topping this up.

I have rewound 10 meters onto a plastic spool - that way you get have several colours at a reasonable cost.  I have all the colours at the moment so pop over and pick a couple up.

£1.50 a spool - in the ribbon section

PLUS - wow - oh - wow - the H2Os have arrived!!

No - they didn't go bust / close down / stop making them.

They did get bought out and have gone very quiet over in the UK - not many people are bringing them in. 

Often copied - never beaten - these darling little luminescent shimmer paints are so cool.  these are the tiny pots (5gm) - but they last for ages.  I have been using some of mine for at least 4 years now.

Again I am splitting the packs up so that you can buy just a couple of pots at a time - and at just £2 for each little pot who can resist?

Hang with me while I sort out the quantities of each colour and add them to the shop - will be in the paints / inks section

kitten xx

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