Saturday, 3 March 2012


Gosh I have had a week and a half here!!!

I am madly painting shop display, chasing contacts and ordering stock.  We have Devine Twine (in stock Now) - Twinkling H2Os (on the way) - Maya Road are going to let us buy direct - how cool is that?  you can't get the whole range of their chipboard albums and coasters anywhere else in the UK
As I was passing through the shopping centre the other day - our Bon Marche is closing down - shop fittings for sale.  I picked up a huge section of slatwall for £20.  I have been dying to get my hands on some slatwall for ages now - but unless you can grab a shop that is closing to get some the delivery costs are insane.  Picked up 100 small hooks for it on Ebay for £12 - so I am all set with something to display things hanging up.

I also had a workshop with Ester Gundry.  She came up on the train (2 hours) from Warrington - just to take a class for us.  I love her style and I am booked on the next one she is doing.

We used the Grand Caliber to cut the basic card shape - and loads of inking!
Then we made this easel card
All the details are cut out on the caliber - loads of lace and inking

kitten xx

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