Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tuesday - Shop talk

Huge box of goodies arrived from Woodware - mostly inking tools - but several really fab alterable items

Ribbon box - how neat is this little chap?  Finally you get to sort out that tangle of ribbons - PLUS you get all the fun of decorating the box

Just £3.00
in the shop - HERE

Next - an A4 sheet of pop out little tiles to make books.  You could make one thick book - or several little ones

- or - how about a cool wall hanging?

Use ribbons to tie the tiles together.

Great bargain at just £1 - HERE

Lastly - an other book to alter - this time in a tag shape.  This is hinged on the short side so that you can add ribbons to all the tag holes to open the book.  Made from super heavy quality white chipboard.

Loads of potential and just £3.00

get it HERE

However much you spend, postage is set at a flat rate of £1.50 to cover postage and packing - and the paypal fees.

Happy crafting ;-)

kitten xx

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