Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday - Catching up

I have been such a good bunny today - worked my little socks off.

I have sat and cleared my computer desk! - all listing - DONE - all paperwork - DONE - all blog schedule for the month - DONE - all 'waiting to sort' trays - DONE - all accounts up to date - DONE - tidyed up the website shop listings a bit - even found a couple of Christmas cards - that how long it is since I got to the bottom of the heap (opps).

pop over to the SHOP and check out the NEW section - there is loads of different stuff

This is the bit of running a business that I am not keen on.  I just want to make stuff and have people come and buy it ;-)
Now I can clean and polish my desk - and feel dead smug that it's all done - tomorrow I can craft
kitten xx

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  1. Wow what a productive day Pandy. I wish I could say the same!


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