Sunday, 13 November 2011


I seriously need a make-over in my craft space.  I am bursting at the seems and i have just put in for a couple of big contracts

It is really hard to take photos because the space is so small.  When the builders put in the staircase to the attic and made the old goat's studio - there was a bit of the tiny bit of what was the 3rd bedroom left over - and that's mine.

It is about 7ft wide and 4 ft deep - plus a bit of corridor

I have my main desk - no matter how hard I try it's always a mess

underneath is my big book and folder storage
There are loads of books piled up on the floor behind my Hougie board

Over the desk is all my ink storage - and my precious Copics

- and in the corridor an odd mix of book cases and my 12" shelves
behind me I have a big book case on the side
and a packed dvd shelf unit behind me
I seriously need to have a change around and get some paper racks and hooks

kitten xx

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