Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shelly's Images - Spider's web - monocramatic + ribbon

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This week we are working with the 'spider web' images and the theme is monochromatic with ribbon

I think this lot are ganging up on me - ANOTHER spider. Had to cute it up a bit.

Although the brief does say - mono - they decided we could add a Colour, and I had already decided on my greeting so I used red to hot it up a bit.

Here is my card - and then I will show you how I created the background effect

Now - the background.  I wanted a really soft look on hand made paper - so I used my own printing technique.  When I print on acetate it does not dry at all.  So I print the image on to the acetate - then CAREFULLY(!!) take it upstairs to my craft room - lay the acetate sheet with the ink side DOWN onto the paper I want to use and rub like crazy with my burnisher

This pushes the ink into the paper

push and scrub like mad - and you end up with a wonderful antique look on a paper that you could never print directly onto

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