Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tip or the day

Got a really neat trick for you today - this is so simple - and so clever
- punch a pattern on all 4 front corners of your card
- this works with ALL Martha Stuart corner punches
First - punch your outer corners as normal

Then push one of the 'wings' in to the closed position.  Have a look at the side of the punch - bet you never noticed there was a little line at the bottom - just by where the wing pulls out!

Now - open up the card - line up the open wing with the paper - and that little line with your scored fold
Top view -

Side view - see how the line on the punch is along the fold line?
Then push the out 'wing' in and pull the in 'wing' out and do the other corner
I added an extra border at the outer corners - Just how cool is this!!!
 REALLY clever people can work out the sizes and punch all around the card front - I quite like the variation
Have fun ;-)

This tip came from my dear friend Janet at The Paper Warehouse
kitten xx

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