Thursday, 20 October 2011

Shelly's Images - Spyder - Show Us What You got!

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This week we are working with the 'spider'images set (in the shop HERE) and the theme is Show Us What You Got!!!.

What have I got? - A total irrational fear of spiders to start with!!

In the UK we have 'paper bag tea-lights' - very expensive paper bags that you put a tea light in and it shines out a pattern.  So I thought that this would be a great shadow picture for this.

I used a very thin cream card and re-sized the corners so that I had 3 panels - then I put a spider image in each of them.  I left the bottom 1" or so plain so that I could fold it under and stand it up.

These would look amazing up a flight of steps - but please note - this is an OUTSIDE ONLY thing

Do join us and 'show us what you got' on the BLOG

kitten xx

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  1. This is lovely Pandy. I am amazed by this beautiful luminary. It would look so pretty to do a set of 6 of these to line a driveway. You always "think outside the box" and I look forward each week to see your projects. Thanks for showcasing this image so wonderfully. (now we can go hide in the corner and share our fear of spiders. ;) )


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