Sunday, 25 September 2011


Back from Grange - cor were we lucky with the weather?  Few big rain spots and a bit blustery - but nothing heavy until we were on the way home and the heavens opened.

Sad really - the end of another season - it's been so great. 

Huge thanks to Robert - who organises it all - and huge thank to all my customers - to all those who bought the bits and bobs I was clearing out of my studio - have fun with your new projects. 

I have met so many amazing people over the season
- other crafters who share ideas - thank you
- artists who just amaze me and inspire me - thank you
- the people who love and share their own particular techniques - wow guys
- the public who stop to chat and ask the how and why - I love to share so keep asking
- the kind stall holders - like the lady who gave me an old card stand that she didn't use

- just how soppy am I!!

See  you all next year

kitten xx

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