Sunday, 4 September 2011

Meanwhile - back in the studio

The last of the summer shows is  done and dusted and I am just itching to have a real good muck out in the studio.  I have not seen the chair for weeks and have gone way past ankle deep in muddle.  I started at the top of my big book case and cleared each shelf - gave it a hood clean - moved stuff about - cleared stuff out to throw/recycle/sell on.  Then I got to my small shelving (it's book case si\e - but a DVD unit - so it takes up less space.  Same routiene - empty - move - clean - sort - etc -etc

phew!  - just look at this - how clean and tidy is this!!!

I have even managed to cleaf off my chair - and clean the floor.

I have cleared out loads of stitching, art and calligraphy books and listed them in my SHOP  so please do have a look arround and pick up a bargain

Now I have the other wall to do - the one with my bench on and all my inks - and papers - and the stuff I use every day

Emmmm - any tips!!!!

kitten xx

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