Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Stretch N Bubbles

Sometimes we can be to neat you know.  We fuss and obsess over every spot and line - sometimes it's good to just chiil out a bit

This dear little chap is in the shop HERE

And - shock - horror - I did not colour it.  It is such a pretty little sketch that I thought it would look much nicer left well alone.

I made a boy's version as well as a girl's version.  I found lots of colour matching papers and tore the edges - there is no atempt at being neat and tidy - just loose and fun.  All piled up together

kitten xx

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  1. Pandy..
    I just love that you made 2 different cards with the one image.. :) so cute! Very creative.. I too love this stamp.. as it is my little Liberty... :) HUGS


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