Friday, 15 July 2011

Something different

I am gradually getting over this flare up - I did get a few things done and the pain is starting go go down.  Not taken any painkillers today, and managing to cope.  I have just been pottering along with a couple of things

I picked up the prettiest trug at the Rose Show - hand made of course - and I want to use it to keep what ever stitching project I am currently working on in.  It was a bit rough on the inside because it was made to collect garden stuff in - and I was worried that it would snag my threads.  So I covered the inside.

The old goat bought me the papers when he was in America a few years ago - so it's a bit special to me.  I used spray glue (in a aerosol tin), because it is less wet than PVA.  I lined it all first with thin card
A - so I could make a template to cut the side patterns without wasting my paper
B - just to make it smoother and strengthen the paper
Then I tied 2 thick ribbons together in a big bow

I so love it

kitten xx

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