Sunday, 17 July 2011

New cards

I have been working with my Inktense pencils for the Pencil museum today

I am very pleased at the progress.  There is loads to learn and they are very different to Copics.  These are going to be made up into 5" square cards with some coloured backing papers - but no calligraphy.  The whole point is to showcase the Inktense range and what people can do with them.  The idea is that people will buy a card (or two!) along with their pencils either to copy or send.

These are ONLY going to be available at the Pencil Museum - not on my stall or website.  It is very much a try it and see what happens - it's a totally new sideline for them as they have only ever worked with fine artists before - and by no stretch of the imagination do I come near the work they are doing.  But my theory is that my stuff is more achievable for anyone who likes to colour in to copy and get good reaults.  All the other artists have cards of their pictures printed - mine are all going to be one off handmade originals.  You never know - if it works I may end up taking a workshop

kitten xx

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