Wednesday, 11 May 2011


You are all so kind (hugs) - I am fine - really.  It's just the menopause and fibro/ME - don't really work together - totally flattened me - especially after those really super days of getting on and doing stuff!

I  have had a better day today - the guys went to the vets for their yearly checkup and booster jabs - the palace guard dog has put on 1kg (don't think so!!!) and has the starting of a cataract in one eye (not stressing over that - very small yet and only in 1 eye) - fidget is disgustingly fine.

I did take a snap of my work bench for you today - not much happening - still very sore - but stuff to show.

Those of you who drop in will know I have been redecorating my summer house.  I recovered a small casse that I keep my stitching / repair stuff / scissors / pins in to match the 'green' theme (don't ask me about sizes - I just drew round it and guessed!).  That is the case standing at the back. 

And I have been trying to think of a way to cover the blue bits in the door handles - found this wonderful green glitter card that I am going to cut squares out of to cover it.

Went over to Janet's I know Jane would have a brainwave - and it's perfect.  I have 5 handles - each with 3 blue inner squares and I am going to cover each of them with a piece of this lovely glitter card (looks much better in the bigger photo) so that it matches the rest of the colour scheme

Oh - and I bought a couple of gems when I was there too - well you do - don't you ;-x

Sharing with WOYWW today
It's Do You Stack Up? tomorrow - and I also have some Stretch n Bubbles to share - so keep dropping in

kitten xx


  1. The case is lovely! Love all the bling on your work bench, too!

    Happy WOYWW (even though it's Thursday!)


  2. It would have been rude not to buy something, huh! The covered case is a triumph - and you know what pk - love that you just measured drew and guessed - works for me!!


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