Sunday, 22 May 2011


I always do the same thing when I have had a few days off - I tidy my dask.  The old goat mucks out his studio when he is mega, mega busy - I do it when I come back after a couple of days and think eeewwww.  I guess when I am working in it - I can't see it!

So that new Tatty Teddy stamp on the front of the Do Craft mag this month?
I love Tatty Teddy - I have several of the figures - and the old goat buys me another every so often.  The one with th teacup was the first pressie he ever bought me aaawwwwwww.  The scan does not really show the gray of the stamped image - it is much cleared than it looks (Memento London Fog) and the added shading in much more delicate - Copic warm greys.  Really cute - will not be getting any mor though - too limited in colouring

kitten xx

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