Sunday, 1 May 2011

Life and a new card

I am very gently and slowly working my round the kitchen having a 'serious' clean out.  Today I spent a couple of hours cleaning/restoring the white plastic double glazing units on the back door and kitchen window (inside and out) - and I got serious with the glass so that now you can see through it - and washed the kitchen mat - swept the lower patio and outside the back gate.  I am so chuffed with myself that it's all neat and clean.

And this afternoon - I made a card.  Someone who is moving has given me a bunch of gatefold blanks. That's a bit of a novetly for me - now I have a bunch of something that HAS to be used and is different from stuff I would normally do.

This is my very first attempt.  The whole thing evolved because I had the tag (made it for something else and it did not quite suit) - and I wanted to use it up.  I hate to throw anything away!  The image is a Woodware clear, from a set I have had for ages - used because it had a flower - and HAY look - the swirly green die-cut from my new cutter die.  Told you - will show up in everything.

I have got 10 blanks of this size (square) - and an un-opened pack of gate A6 - so loads of playing to do yet!

Thanks for the card blanks guys - and happy new home

kitten xx

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