Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Stretch N Bubbles

I didn't mean to scare anybody :-) - as if I could quit really!

I went to the osteopath yesterday - not been for months - and it totally knocked me out - still out of it today, but I have been sitting listing new stuff in the shop so check out the new cards - I have some great new images

Anyway - it's a Stretch N Bubbles day to day and this little chappie in the SHOP HERE, is exactly what the weather is like today!

And I had some wonderful summer pattern scrapbook paper squirreled away - and the rest just fell into place

There are loads of oval shapes piled up - some are raised - and the swirls are some new die cuts that I bought and will not star in just about everything!

In the mood for summer now!

kitten xx

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