Sunday, 13 March 2011


Well that's the year started!  Not a bad little day really - only down side - really cold - it did not snow though,and the rain held off until 2pm - so that was great.  Sold a little bit - the old goat was kept busy, and we packed up and came home about 3pm.

we came back home over the top fells, past Orton and through Tebay.  Stunning - just out of this world - talk about God's good country.  Not a soul on the top fells.  It is the strangest area - creepy almost - left over from a distant age defiantly.  The rock formations almost look like building remains - and because because the whole area is so high - you feel you are looking over the whole world.

I am just going to chill for the rest of the day   Watch telly - catch up on line - not do much really - just rest up a bit

kitten xx

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  1. stunning pictures. I could quite happily just walk into them & stand quietly breathing in the fresh air!! Hope you are keeping well. Hugs x


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