Sunday, 6 March 2011


Between the dogs - and the folks next door - I did not get much of a rest last night.  The dogs would NOT settle to bed - which is unusual for fidget as he loves getting in to snuggle - the the old guard dog was up and down and up and doen the stairs (3 floors) - then he was pestering the old goat (who totally lost his rag).  When they did finally settle about 3 hours later - and we got to sleep (well away I was) - whoever it was next door decided to have a party at 2am.  Suddenly loud music and singing - and off we went again.

The old goat is dead grumpy I can tell you - I am pretty groggy - but I am more used to it.

I have been pottering on with my summer house - it's looking sooo cool - nearly ready to show you.  I have had a total more around - and got rid of the spiders (eweh) - so it's a whole new space.  Tons to do outside - but it's a bit chilly still yet

Watch this space for pics

kitten xx

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