Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blog prize

Hay I got tagged - how cool is that?!

Erica (  ) tagged me - so I have to share (hope I get this right)

3 names I am known by - pandy (yeah obvious that one) - kitten (to my on line friends - princess if we are not on first name terms) - Darling (from my lovely mad old goat)

3 places I have lived - there have been loads - but - Winchester (as a kiddie) - Brighton (as a mad person) - The Lake District Kendal (now - and I just love)

3 places I have worked - Southampton (for the buzz) - Eastliegh (for the memories) - Grange (for the sunshine)

3 things I watch - NCIS (adore Abbey) - Chanel 4 news (they explain things) - Jeremy Kyle (are those folk really real!!!)

3 things I love to eat - Smoked  Salmon - pate on toast - salad (yes - truly - any kind)

now I have to pass it on to 3 people
I hope I got all the right - better tell them then!

kitten xx


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